‘A Quiet Place’/’The Office’ Mash-Up Exists & It’s Actually Haunting AF

Media Muse have cobbled together a frankly excellent A Quiet Place/The Office mash-up, A Dwight Place – because no matter how big a movie star/director John Krasinski gets, he will always be Jim Halpert to us (to the point that I will always write ‘Jim Krasinski’ before I remember that is not his name).

The two-minute video has already copped more than 320k views, and features Dwight‘s terrifying 27-year-old cousin who “never left the beet farm” Mose – played by none other the creator of excellent, deeply warm and deeply funny shows, Michael Schur (The Good Place, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Parks and Recreation) – as the mysterious creature hunting Krasinski and his fam, and also Pam, and also everyone else. Never before have Mose, and by turn Dwight, been so strangely terrifying.

Also: the image of Kev with a chocolate bar wrapper stirring the creatures is gonna give me a kick for days/at the very least until the end of today.

Anyway, plz enjoy comparing images of hunky daddy Krasinski with young ‘n cynical Office Krasinski:

And for good measure, compare A Dwight Place against the actual movie trailer, which will wreck you. Like taking all of the sound out of a horror/thriller movie is a bold move that 100% works/fills me with dread – the film just had the biggest opening weekend since Black Panther, earning an estimated $50 mill in ticket sales.