‘Modern Family’ Is Now Promising Something Even “Bigger” Than That Death

Modern Family

Modern Family is currently airing its last season, and oh boy, it’s not going gently into that good night. After teasing the surprise death of a significant character – which, it turns out, wasn’t really that much of a surprise – the stars of the show have promised something even bigger and badder in episodes to come.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Sarah Hyland – who play Mitchell Pritchett and Hayley Dunphy on the show – said that there is another dramatic upheaval coming for the extended family.

“There’s a major thing happening this season,” said Ferguson, adding that “it’s beyond” and “it’s big” and “I think you’ll be surprised.”

Hyland said that the mysterious big thing is a “bigger thing than the death” and that when the cast found out about it “it was a shock, that’s for sure.”

As for what the shocking, earth-shattering Modern Family twist could be, we have no clue. One of the couples might break up (my money’s on Mitch and Cam), there might be a surprise wedding (Hayley and Andy, or maybe Hayley and Dylan), or Phil might be revealed as The Zodiac Killer.

Honestly, as long as they don’t to anything to Stella the French Bulldog, we’re good.