The Block Star Rinsed Elle Ferguson On Live TV For Quitting The Show & Blocking Her On Insta

One of this year’s The Block contestants has revealed that influencer Elle Ferguson blocked her on Instagram after abruptly leaving the show last week.

ICYMI: Ferguson and her fiancé Joel Patfull quit the show after just two days, leaving host Scott Cam and their co-stars absolutely stunned.

Appearing on Weekend Today on Sunday, contestant Sarah-Jane Wilson revealed that Elle subsequently blocked her on social media.

“You’ve had no contact with [Elle and Joel] since [they left]?” Today host Belinda Russell asked.

“No, I got blocked. She blocked me on Instagram,” Sarah-Jane replied.

“I went to show someone her [page] the other day, because they were like, ‘Who is this person?’

“And then I was like, ‘Oh my god, I’ve made it, I’ve made it in the world, a celebrity has blocked me’.”

She went on to say that she reckons the couple quit because of the judges’ harsh criticism of their work.

“I could tell that they were unhappy after judging,” she told the hosts.

“You don’t really spend much time [together] before that, you’re doing the challenge, so you’re busy. But at the judging, they seemed not too happy, there were a few little sentences that I heard and I thought, ‘Oh gosh …’ so no, I wasn’t surprised when they left.”

Despite claiming that they left due to an unwell family member, Scott Cam reckons they yeeted themselves off in the middle of the night for other reasons.

As reported by TV Week, shady-ass Scott told the other contestants that Elle Ferguson and her fiancé left because the show wasn’t “on brand” for them.

He also said they had complained that “the toilet paper was too scratchy.”

Series creator Julian Cress told the Herald Sun they had further issues with being on the show that likely led to them quitting.

“[Elle] seemed a bit shocked that she was going to have to spend 12 weeks in hi-vis on a worksite,” he said.

Cress said he was pleased with the couple’s performance in the first challenge and there he was “dumbstruck” when they called him to say the show “was not quite on brand for them.”

He planned to meet up with them to discuss their progress on the show but the meeting never went ahead.

“They never spoke to any of us again,” he added.

And now it looks like they’re hitting the block button and pretended the whole thing never happened!

What a mess.