Peep The Wild Moment The Block Folks Realise Elle Ferguson & Fiancé Had Run Off Into The Night

Welp, there it is: we’ve just copped an extended look at the scene from the 2022 season of The Block where folks realise that influencer Elle Ferguson and her ex-AFL player fiancé Joel Patfull had quit the show after just two days.

We don’t actually see them walking off, we just see the reaction from host Scott Cam and the other contestants.

Why don’t we see them yeeting themselves off if there were supposedly cameras everywhere?

Because according to Scott Cam, they disappeared in the middle of the night when production was shut down.

Have a peek at the teaser below:

As reported by TV Week, shady-ass Scott told the other 2022 contestants that Elle and Joel left because the show wasn’t “on brand” for them.

He also said they had complained that “the toilet paper was too scratchy.”

Guess they weren’t using the soft, cuddly brand with the cute puppies in the ads. Do they still use cute puppies in the ads or nah? They bloody well should!

Anywho… that’s not the only wild allegation being thrown their way.

Series creator Julian Cress told the Herald Sun they had further issues with being on the show that likely led to them quitting.

“[Elle] seemed a bit shocked that she was going to have to spend 12 weeks in hi-vis on a worksite,” he said.

Cress said he was pleased with the couple’s performance in the first challenge and there he was “dumbstruck” when they called him to say the show “was not quite on brand for them.”

He planned to meet up with them to discuss their progress on the show but the meeting never went ahead.

“They never spoke to any of us again,” he added.

We previously reported that Ferguson and Patfull left The Block set after three days. They made the decision after Patfull’s mother had a bad fall at her Adelaide home and suffered a suspected fractured neck. A pretty good reason to quit a reality show, some might say.

Cam also mouthed off at a post-Logies media brunch on Monday, and he wasn’t too happy about a certain couple leaving his show.

Per TV Tonight, he said: “We have a controversy on day two of the series. We had a 48 hour challenge to choose the house that you get and they scarpered after 48 hours. It’s something that’s never happened before.”

While he never named Ferguson and Patfull in his rant, he continued with: “45,000 people applied to be on The Block and win life-changing money. These guys got on and they just couldn’t handle the pace after 48 hours. Which to me is a bit un-Australian. Have a go! It’s piss-poor.”

Back in April when the news of Ferguson and Patfull’s departure first emerged via the Daily Telegraph, we reached out to Channel Nine for comment. Like Cam, Nine didn’t name the couple, instead providing the following statement:

“Over (the) weekend, we were surprised to have one of our new contestant teams depart The Block a few days into filming for the upcoming season.

“We wish them all the best for the future and we’re excited to cast two new Aussies for the opportunity of a lifetime on The Block.

Social media posts from Ferguson at the time seemed to confirm that they had left the show for family reasons, showing them at an airport when they were indeed meant to be filming.

The Block
Credit: @elle_ferguson/Instagram.

So it definitely seems Cam is having a go at Ferguson and Patfull. Or maybe some other mysterious unnamed couple did a bunk and pissed him off? Either way, it’s a TV show Scott. Calm the hell down!