Huge Rumours Say Delta Goodrem & Her Innocent Eyes Will Be A Permanent Judge On The Block 2022

delta goodrem the block

Hold on to your hammers, tighten those utility belts and fire up the smoke machine, because Delta Goodrem is rumoured to be joining The Block as a permanent judge in 2022, and this news simply has me sitting on top of the world.

This week, Delta Goodrem will be making an appearance on The Block to help the contestants out with their lip-sync extravaganza challenge, which sounds cooked because it absolutely is.

Basically, each team will dress up and lip-syncs to songs in one of the weirder Block challenges, and Goodrem is going to offer them tips on stage presence and lip-syncing convincingly, not that our angel-voiced Delta would do such a thing herself.

“It was so beautiful to see Delta, she was lovely and charming to us. Vito was full-on fangirling – he started opening up and spilling out all of his emotions,” contestant Tanya told Woman’s Day.

“I think Delta got to see a little bit about who we are, which was also so nice.”

However, there are some rumours that Delta may just be warming up for a permanent gig on the show, as judges Shaynna Blaze, 58, Darren Palmer, 43, and Neale Whitaker, 59, are expected to have a bit of a panel overhaul next year.

Blaze has recently announced her brand new show Country Home Rescue, which just might leave an opening for another judge (like Delta Goodrem) to sweep in and win over our hearts.

Delta even told Woman’s Day that she’s open for anything, saying that she’s always looking to be “pushing myself creatively and trying new things”.

“I’m always incredibly open to finding those awesome [roles], and the right stories to be a part of.”

Roles, hey? Stories, huh?

Delta even opened up about being a super-fan of the show, which proves she has the passion.

“I sit and binge-watch on the couch with my friends just like everyone else!”

The other rumoured potential host is model, presenter and AFL WAG Bec Judd, who has appeared on The Block before as a guest judge as well.

Look, I’m manifesting a Delta Goodrem residency on The Block, because I just know it’ll be iconic. She can be the… bridge over troubled steel beams. No? Alright, I’ll get my things.