Delta Goodrem Is On The Hunt For A New Name (For Obvious Reasons) So Here Are Our Suggestions

Delta Goodrem

Delta Goodrem is on the hunt for a new name since she’s now become the second most famous Delta in the country, and omg, the possibilities are endless.

The Aussie singer, song-writer and general legend tweeted last week that she’s now formerly known as Delta, and is looking a new name because, well, no one wants to be confused with a deadly global virus.

However, I noticed it’s been nearly a week and we’re yet to see an update on what Formerly Delta’s new name is, so we thought we’d give her a helping hand.

Behold, some thoughtful suggestions from the PEDESTRIAN.TV team on names Formerly Delta could potentially rebrand to, because helping each other is important in these trying times.

Delphine Goodrem, because it’s mostly the same but with a more historic vibe, suitable for an icon. And also because I want it reclaimed from Belle Delphine.” – Me.

Alpha Goodrem bc she should always have been # 1.” – Alex

Pretty Goodrem, just in case anybody asks.” – Courtney

Merdoog Goodrem, we need more palindromes in Aussie culture.”

Lambda Goodrem, because what could go wrong there” – Michael

Gary Goodrem, for no reason other than I love the name Gary.” – Josie

I want to second Gary Goodrem because it’s progressive in its dismissal of hyper-feminised names for women, and alliteration is great for branding. Gary Goodrem goes off.

Deborah Goodrem because it sounds kinda the same, but it’s a more lowkey name for a more lowkey era. Or Gladys Goodrem because if Delta is associated with COVID, then Gladys is associated with kicking COVID’s ass.” – Zac

Cousin Del – my family refer to her as that anyway because we have a strong theory she is my late uncle’s love child.” – Bianca.

Um… Brb, chasing up that story before I have a stroke.

“She could replacer her name with another one from the 1995 Gladiators (one of them was called Delta, for the kids playing along):
Storm.” – Melissa

And last but not least, my personal fave: “Belta“, as suggested by David. I mean, she’d only have to change one letter! Think about how helpful that could be for her PR’s old SEO.

Dear Formerly Delta Goodrem: you’re welcome. We can’t wait to see what you choose.