Delta Goodrem, My Dude, Wash Your Damn Feet

I have a real thing about dirty feet. You may have read about this in the past. So when I saw that Delta Goodrem was trending online because of her filthy footsies, I was alarmed.

Look, I’m not judging here. Some people don’t have feet issues like I do. But I also did not want to see some filthy soles on prime-time television, ok? Can there be some sort of TV Board complaint thing but for things like dirty feet and trypophobia, all that stuff?

Anyway, the background here is that Delta Goodrem was doing her thing, being a judge/mentor on The Voice. There was some sort of friendly tiff with Boy George about speaking re: Nathan Isaac‘s rendition of ‘You Spin Me Round’, and Delta jokingly sulked by popping her bare feet up on her podium while she waiting for Boy George to give his two cents.

And then, everyone saw…. THE SITUATION.

The dirt particles are giving me HIVES, guys.

Delta Goodrem

Kelly there is like “bitch, how???”

Lol, look – like I said, no judgement. Some people don’t care about this shit! I am just an extremely sensitive person specifically to dirty feet.