‘Modern Family’ Star Sarah Hyland Is Seriously Fucken Keen To Watch The Aussie ‘Bachie’

Every since the promo dropped for the upcoming seventh season of The Bachelor Australia, the entire nation has been waiting for Channel Ten to tell us when the bloody thing is premiering. Don’t worry, I’ve asked the PeOpLe I kNoW at Ten several times for intel, but they aren’t biting and won’t tell me any dates. Not even a ballpark! It’s fine, guys, keep the mystery alive.

[jwplayer cYRrlbK0]

Anyway, it’s not just Aussies who are frothing to see Sexy Rocket Scientist Matt Agnew meet his bevy of beauties. It turns out that Hollywood actress Sarah Hyland of Modern Family fame is also keen beans to watch the entire show.

It all started when she saw a tweet containing the now-infamous scene from the trailer of Matt explaining to the lovely Abbie Chatfield that he’s an astrophysicist, only for her to reply after a short beat: “Okay! I’m a Gemini.”

It’s already become Australian TV gold, and prompted Sarah to ask where she can watch the show, a tweet seen 8.5 million times.

Someone rightfully pointed out that it’s extreme Haley Dunphy areas, her rather ditzy character on Modern Family. They aren’t wrong, tbh.

And several people invited Sarah to come on down and watch the show with them once it starts airing, including the official Bachie Australia account.

Others helpfully directed her towards VPN providers and the Tenplay website. Let’s hope that Sarah achieves her dreams and manages to catch all the batshit antics that are bound to happen in Season 7 of The Bachelor Australia.

Of course, myself and my colleague Mel will as always be recapping every single episode for Pedestrian.TV, so maybe Sarah will just read those instead (when I spam her Twitter with them, obviously).