Here’s some depressing news to kill your Friday buzz: Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson have called it quits, Page Six reports.

A music insider told the publication that the couple, who began dating in October 2019, put an end to their romance a while ago.

So is it ~suss~ that Miley’s releasing her comeback song, ‘Midnight Sky’, today? Perhaps. But it’s also possible that the song was written in response to their breakup and she planned the announcement to coincide with the single release.

While teasing the track on Instagram, Cyrus wrote: “I was born to run. I don’t belong to anyone. (And yes I can run in these fucking heels cause I’m a BOSS).”

While on another post she wrote, “Forever and ever no more. The #MidnightSky is the road I’m taking … head up high in the clouds.”

Certainly sounds breaky upy, dunnit?

But get this, the announcement falls just a few days after the one year anno of her split from ex husband Liam Hemsworth (yep, that was a whole year ago).

Shortly after her divorce from her ex hubby, she released the emotional breakup ballad, ‘Slide Away’, which spilled a bunch of tea about the breakdown of their marriage, so it certainly is her M.O.

But anyway, back to Cody and Miley.

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captain’s dance with the devil

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Their relationship was on the fast track ever since getting together last year, from inking their love with couple tatts to spending time with each other’s fam, it seemed like this was the real deal.

Miley has since scrubbed her Instagram of all pics of Cody (there was A LOT to delete), but the above pic still lives on Cody’s ‘gram (for now).

Stay tuned for Miley’s new bop ‘Midnight Sky’, which may or may not spill deets about this wild turn of events.