Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson are wildly in love, as evidenced by their numerous Instagram piccies together.

And to show you that they mean business, they’ve cemented their relationship by getting tattoos together.

The couple took a trip to see celebrity tattoo artist Nico Bassill in L.A. to add fresh ink to their already tatted up bods.

While the tattoos aren’t exactly matching, they definitely share a similar theme.

Cyrus got a heart on the back of her arm that reads, ‘ROCK N ROLL HEART’, with a dagger running through it.

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And Simpson got a skull with crossbones and a knife running through it, much like his girlfriend’s.

In an interview with Us Weekly at the Tiffany & Co men’s collection launch, Simpson admitted that it’s too early to tell if Cyrus is “the one,” but their trip to the tattoo parlour certainly proves that they’re one step closing to figuring it out.

“I’m very happy. We are very, very happy,” Cody recently told People. “She’s creative. She’s very passionate about what she does, and I’m very similar in that sense. That’s why we get along so well. We just have a ball, yeah, and that’s the most important part of a relationship, you know?”

He added: “The reason why it hasn’t been a really crazy sudden thing is just because we’ve been friends for so long … [we] found each other again in a space where we’re both not partying, working real hard, and it just keeps things healthy and it’s good. Any girlfriends I’ve had in the past has always been immediate romance and so it’s a different experience having been friends with somebody before and it developing naturally into something more.”