Cody Simpson has used the old I wAs In ThE pOoL excuse after being papped getting out of the water by clarifying that he was experiencing shrinkage.

The ex-boyfriend of Miley Cyrus recently shared a coupla snaps where he can be seen emerging from a pool and listen, he looks super fkn ripped, but he feels like he was, as George Costanza famously put it on Seinfeld, “short-changed” in terms of the visual of his package.

“Caught at training. It was cold. #beardgrowing #nothingelsewasgrowing #shrinkydink,” he wrote on Insta.


Thanks for the clarification, mate.

Alli Simpson, the lil sis of Cody Simpson, is currently a contestant on I’m A Celeb and during a recent ep, she revealed what the hell went down with her bro and Miley Cyrus following their recent split.

Camper Grant Denyer asked Alli if the pair’s relationship was genuine, or “just a bit of fun”.

“It was a real relationship, definitely a real relationship,” Alli answered, adding that they had been “serious.”

“They were practically living together during COVID because they started dating and then two months later it was lockdown,” she explained.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph before she joined the show, Alli said the former couple had ended things on good terms.

“I am not in touch with her [Miley] as much, obviously because they are not together anymore,” she said. “They are in a good place and I know they ended on good terms. I don’t know if they speak still but I know they are on good terms.”

Last August, Miley confirmed she had split from Cody Simpson in an Instagram Live.

“Right now, two halves can’t make a whole and we’re individually just working on ourselves to become the people that we wanna be, like everybody else at this age,” she said.

Miley concluded that she and Cody have been friends for over a decade and that they’re going to continue to be mates.

Cody, who recently celebrated his 24th birthday, has since moved on with model Marloes Stevens.

He also recently qualified for his first Olympic trials, hence the ~blessed~ pool pics.