‘Bachie In Paradise’ Star Megan Addresses That BS Queerbaiting Fiasco

Over the last week, it became disappointingly clear that Bachelor In Paradise‘s much-hyped lesbian kiss was just another boring hetero one, engaging in the time-old practise of queerbaiting.

All throughout the promotion for this show, Channel 10 had us convinced that openly bisexual contestant Megan Marx would be hooking up with Elora Murger. This week, it was finally confirmed what fans had long-been suspecting: that Megan’s ‘queer’ make-out buddy was none other than international import Thomas Perras.

While the Bachelor franchise – and its face / spokesperson / puppet master Osher – have remained silent on the backlash, Megan herself has apologised for the way her sexuality was used as bait.

“There’s been a lot of harangue about the queerbaiting that was involved in the promotion of the show. I too was disappointed that my sexuality was used as leverage when truth (the fact that I’m a sexual minority at all!) is always the most respectful option,” she said on Instagram.

“However, I’m still grateful @bachelorinparadiseau gave me a platform to be myself and pursue any relationship I wanted to – they always made it clear they supported me, and were even respectful and open in me posting this message.

“A big apology to those who were offended, I know we can do better – we have a long way to go in Australia.”

It’s a start, I guess? The straights might be at it again, but at least the queers are doing something about it.