SPICE ALERT: Megan Marx & Elora Murger Hook Up On ‘Bachelor In Paradise

If there’s one show we’re absolutely flipping the fuck out over/cannot wait for, it’s Bachelor In Paradise Australia. Can the launch date just hurry up and get here already?

So many of our faves are present and accounted for – think stage five clinger Jarrod, absolute angel Apollo, adorable Davey and absolute loose unit Keira.

Plenty of juicy goss has already emerged from on-set antics and developments – like Keira and Jarrod apparently hooking up but like, for REAL, not just for attention. Wild.

The latest? A clip from Channel 10 that shows Megan Marx and Elora Murger having a steamy pash in a pool. Cliche, but we’re here for it.

ICYMI, Meghan Marx made headlines after Richie Strahan‘s season, when she and fellow eliminated contestant Tiffany Scanlon started a relationship. Things seemed extremely loved-up for them for a long while, but they shocked us all with a quiet break up last year.


Seems like Megan miiiight be well over it though – footage has emerged in a recent trailer for Bachelor In Paradise showing some romantico vibes between Megan and Elora, a contestant from Matty J‘s season.

‘She’s absolutely gorgeous, she’s definitely my type of girl,’ either Elora or Megan says in the voiceover for the scene.

Whether this is a fun party pash or the start of a full-blown relationship, the pair seem to be on good terms these days. Here they are at our UnREAL/Stan party:


And hanging at Cosmo’s Bachelor Of The Year.

Goddamn, March 25th can’t come quick enough.