‘Bachie’ Fave Megan Confirms She Can Hand Her Roses To *Anyone* In Paradise

Bachelor In Paradise star Megan Marx has taken to Instagram to confirm that as she’s attracted to both men and women, she’s totally at liberty to present one of those crucial roses to anyone staying in the Fijian mansion.

Speculation had mounted regarding how her sexual orientation would play into the reality TV show, which has only ever presented straight contestants.

At last night’s rose ceremony, the eight remaining women were tasked with handing eight roses to the remaining eleven blokes, eliminating three men in the process.

Marx used her rose to keep Jake Ellis around, but has now revealed she could have given it to another woman – sending an extra fella packing in the process.

After thanking the show and host Osher Günsberg for providing a platform where she could fully express her sexuality, Marx said she has felt conscious of not giving her rose to a woman who may not be same-sex attracted.

However, she said “not one person in Paradise made me feel less than normal, less than loved, less than accepted.”

The show has also hinted at the arrival of contestant Elora Murger and a potential date between her and Marx, which would bring some interesting rose mathematics into play.

You better believe the jaded Bachie-watching public is keen for that one, too.