‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Star Megan Gets Candid On Nose & Boob Jobs

There is nothing cooler than women being open and honest about their cosmetic procedures. Got your lips done? Good for you. Had a touch of Botox? Nice. Got an amazing bod by eating mostly veggies and avoiding alcohol? Not technically a procedure or anything but GOOD FOR YOU. Miss me with your “hahaha I love balancing burgers and beers on my abs” bullshit.

Bachelor In Paradise star Megan Marx is regularly open as hell about her cosmetic procedures, sharing the work she’s had done on her Instagram page.


She’s been candid about Botox, cheek fillers, lip fillers, skin treatments and temporary nose jobs, but in a recent NW interview, has opened up about going under the knife for a nose job of the more permanent kind.

“I like to eat healthy and work out, but no matter how much of that you do, your nose doesn’t get any smaller,” she said.

“When I woke up, it was like there was a brick on my face. It was so tight and swollen and I had a big cast on.”Elora [Murger] came to pick me up as I was staying at her house and as we walked back everyone was staring. I had blood dripping out of my nose and I was high from the drugs!

“For the first few days there’s loads of gunk and blood coming out and I felt like rubbish, to be honest. I knew I’d look terrible – it was the worst I’ve ever looked in my life.”

She also spoke about her boob job, telling the mag that she’d gotten the procedure done when she was 18 and still living in a religious cult.

“It’s bizarre, right? I hadn’t even had sex yet and I saved up and didn’t tell a single person I went to get them done,” she said.


The Daily Mail reports that she’s had about $47,000 worth of cosmetic procedures done, but NW reports that she’s “done with plastic surgery now”

The mag also published this old-school, pre-blonde pic of Megan and she looks SO YOUNG! Lil baby-faced Megan.

Credit: Now To Love.

And while she wouldn’t comment on whether her male Bachelor In Paradise co-stars had undergone any procedures, she said that, “Lots of the girls have probably had something done.” (Lots of them have spoken up about it, too, and more power to them.)

Her procedures are regularly shared on the Medical Aesthetics Geraldton Instagram page, if you want to know a little more about it. THIS IS A JUDGEMENT-FREE ZONE, OKAY?