Stalking various Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants on social media is just as entertaining as watching the show itself, and last night, Elora Murger really outdid herself, when she shared a video of Paradise exes Megan Marx and Jake Ellis having a sneaky pash on her Instagram stories.

Earlier this week, Jake was trying to flog off two tickets to the RnB Fridays Live event in Brisbane (like I said, I spend a lot of time stalking these people on social media). It looks like he had a change of heart, though, and decided to go to the show, along with pals Megan and Elora.

Jake has been in Brisbane throughout this week, and a few days back, Megan left a cheeky comment on one of his posts, after someone noticed a wine glass that had also appeared in one of her stories (true investigative journalism here, folks):

On Friday afternoon, Elora posted a series of Instagram stories showing her and Megan hanging out before the event, and one of them featured a sneaky pop-in cameo from Jake, confirming that the trio were definitely all together pre-gaming beforehand.

All of this leads us later on Friday evening, when Elora posted a video of Megan pashing on with a tall bloke who sure looks a heck of a lot like Jake, captioning it ‘True love”. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?

The couple, who originally hooked up on Bachelor In Paradise, dated for around eight months, but announced their breakup in August, with Megan Marx posting a statement to Instagram saying Jake is the “biggest-hearted man” she’s ever met and that their romance was a “beautiful experience.”

Jake responded with statement of his own, saying “Megan and I are sadly taking a break from our relationship together and words will never express the heartbreak I’m feeling right now”, and praising her as the most beautiful and intelligent woman he’s ever dated.

All of this brings us back to yesterday: was this just two exes swapping some saliva in the heat of the moment or are Megan and Jake giving it another shot?

So What Is The Truth, Oprah, Megan Marx

As a wise woman once said, one kiss is all it takes:

We eagerly await any updates from Megan Marx and Jake Ellis themselves.

Image: Getty Images / Hanna Lassen