SO FETCH: The Mean Girls Reunion Just Happened Featuring All The OG Plastics Except For One

People, it’s finally happened! A Mean Girls reunion has gone down in the form of a new Walmart commercial (sure, why not).

The ad, which is basically an extravagant Black Friday ad, sees Cady (Lindsay Lohan), Karen (Amanda Seyfried), and Gretchen (Lacey Chabert) taking on fetch new roles as adults.

“At North Shore, some things never change. On Wednesdays, we still wear pink,” Lohan says at the start of the ad, just before Chabert appears in a convertible and tells the girls “get in,” an obvi throwback to the OG.

Seyfried went full Karen with it (hehe), saying there’s “a 30 percent chance that it’s already Wednesday.”

They even recruited Missy Elliott, who contributed the song “Pass That Dutch” to the OG Mean Girls soundtrack, playing a rejig of Coach Carr (step awayyyyy from the underage girls).

Other Mean Girls cast members who reprised their roles for the ad include Rajiv Surendra, who played Mathletes king Kevin Gnapoor in the original movie, and Daniel Franzese, who played pink shirt-connoisseur Damian.

Peep the ad below:

Noticeably absent from the gang was Rachel McAdams, who apparently had zero interest in reprising her villainous role.

Speaking to Page Six, an insider spilled that “Rachel McAdams didn’t want to do it.”

“They were all offered it. But the three of them loved being together for their reunion,” the source added.

“They had a great time talking about being mums, and it was definitely a loss not having Rachel there.” Bummer!

Word of the reunion first got out last month when Lindsay was papped holding a sign that read “Plastics Club Member, Est 2004”, via Just Jared which captured some fab piccies.

“On Wednesdays we wear pink,” it continued.

Gimme, I’d like one too, please.

It was theorised at the time that it had something to do with the Super Bowl, with some folks believing that only a Super Bowl ad could have a big enough production budget to book not one but three celeb talents like that.

Another school of thought was that it could’ve been a new project with Pepsi, a company that Lindsay has worked with in the past.

The previous ad was Christmas-themed and also featured a cheeky reference to Mean Girls via the “Jingle Bell Rock” Santa outfit she was seen wearing for a split-second.

It’s also just heartwarming to know that all three original stars are still mates.

*Ahem* Sex and the City cast. Lookin’ at you.

According to Vanity Fair, there was even talk in February this year of the OG foursome, Lindsay Lohan, Lacey Chabert, Amanda Seyfried, and even Rachel McAdams having a Mean Girls reunion for the movie musical adaptation.

Sadly, we’ll never get to see that version materialise after a “disrespectful” salary offer caused negotiations to grind to a halt.

However, that movie is set to hit theatres in January 2024 so it’s definitely not all bad news.