The Cast Of Mean Girls Reunited On October 3rd And We Don’t Need To Tell You It Was Fetch

The cast of Mean Girls reunited on October 3rd AKA Mean Girls Day in a cute virtual hang moderated by Katie Couric.

Mean Girls was released in 2004, but is still one of the most iconic and quotable films of our generation. During the reunion, the cast reminisced on Tina Fey‘s cinematic masterpiece and how the film has impacted their lives 16 years on.

Featured in the reunion were: Lindsey Lohan (Cady Heron) Amanda Seyfried (Karen Smith), Tina Fey (Ms. Norbury), Lizzy Caplan (Janis Ian), Lacey Chabert (Gretchen Weiners), Jonathan Bennett (Aaron Samuels), Daniel Franzese (Damian), Rajiv Surendra (Kevin Gnapoor), Ana Gasteyer (Cady’s Mum), and Tim Meadows (Mr. Duvall).

Rachel McAdams (Regina George) was unable to make the reunion but had a virtual one-on-one with Couric, included in the special IGTV video.

Couric did a deep dive with all the actors about their characters, and some tea was certainly spilled.

Lohan admitted that she actually wanted to play Regina, and Rachel McAdams said it was “cathartic” to play Regina when she wasn’t exactly a “queen bee in high school.”

“I really wanted to play Regina, because I’d just done a movie Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, where I was kind of a weirdo in it. And I was like, Well, I want to do a movie where I get to be pretty and dress pretty,” said Lohan.

“And the more that I read the script over and over, I started to really relate to Cady and her sensitivity.”

Lizzy Caplan and Amanda Seyfried could also relate to the characters they played in Mean Girls. Seyfried said that during high school she acted like a dumb blonde, and that it actually helped her “stay out of the drama.”

Caplan said that she was actually “kind of a Janis in high school,” and still is.

For Franzese, playing gay icon Damian actually changed his life and helped him on his coming out journey.

“I got a fan letter around the 10th anniversary of Mean Girls that was super impactful on my life. It started out saying: ‘I don’t know if you’re gay or not, and that doesn’t matter,” Franzese said.

“And at the time, I was still in the closet. And it was when I literally read that line that I made the decision to come out.”

Legend Rajiv Surendra who played Kevin G, admitted that he was surprised at how “authentically diverse” the movie was and how it was the first time he saw an “Indian guy that was good at math” not represented by a stereotype.

Fey also talked about an upcoming film adaption of the 2018 Broadway musical based on the film, and that fans of the film would have the chance to submit their dream cast and appear in the movie’s Burn Book.

Now that’s fetch.