MasterChef Fans On Reddit Have Come Up With A Fun Little Drinking Game To Play During The Show

Sometimes, sitting passively on the couch watching your favourite reality television show (like MasterChef) just isn’t enough. Often heading to X — formerly Twitter — to tweet about whatever is happening scratches the interactive itch. But other times, you need something else. Something fun. Something silly. Something communal. Something like… a drinking game.

It turns out that Australians everywhere are primed and ready to create a drinking game at the drop of a hat — which is a good or bad thing, depending on our opinion of the alcohol-soaked Aussie culture.

Anyway, the good people in the MasterChefAU subreddit have created a drinking game for the latest season of MasterChef Australia. At first, I was excited to give it a crack, until I realised that my lightweight ass would be under the table if I followed these rules.

Me when I realised how intense this drinking game is. (Image: MasterChef Australia)

It kicked off when user @Competive-Bench977 posted a thread clearly named “Drinking game”.

Competive-Bench977 does not waste time with any faffing around or small talk, they get straight into the rules.

“When Savi mentions Sri Lanka. When Lachlan mentions his daughter. When JC bangs the table. When Alex‘s laugh seems just a liiiittle bit scary. When you swear you heard Sofia lisping,” they wrote.

With the thought starters underway, other fans chimed in.

“When JC bangs the table, say superb AND fantastique in a single judging.”

“Andy struggles with something being spicy.”

Then, there are some common phrases thrown around by the judges, like when judge Andy Allen says “absolute belter”, “bangin’, “concise” or claps his hands (he does that a lot, and when you notice, you can’t stop noticing).

Or even when fellow judge and former MasterChef Australia alum Poh Ling Yeow says “Umami”. Ooooh mami to that!

Considering how common these phrases and actions are on the show, I’d recommend sticking to a cheeky sip of beer each time a prompt happens.

Otherwise, make peace with being a bit dusty at work the next day. But you know what they say, if you can’t handle the heat get out of the kitchen reddit.