Network 10 Reveals Why A MasterChef Contestant ‘Disappeared’ From The Show After Fans Grow Suss

MasterChef Australia fans have noticed that one of their beloved contestants from this year’s season has seemingly vanished from the show. Thankfully, we now have a solid reason as to why they disappeared.

During last week’s run of Masterchef Australia, viewers of the reality TV cooking show noticed that Josh ‘Pezza’ Perry wasn’t around for some of the challenges. This included the immunity challenge and Wednesday night’s elimination.

Following his absence from two crucial episodes, viewers began to question his whereabouts, flocking to the MasterChef Australia and Pezza’s Instagram for questions.

“We need answers of where Pezza is! We miss him,” one fan wrote.

“Where’s Pezza??” a plethora of fans questioned.

(Image source: Instagram / @masterchefau)

The beloved butcher’s absence even sparked a mini hashtag movement on X (formerly Twitter), with MasterChef fans using “#wherespezza” in hopes of finding answers.

Although the head honchos at MasterChef Australia have yet to directly respond to viewers on social media, a spokesperson for Network 10 revealed that the butcher had to “sit out” from the comp because he was “unwell.”

“Josh Perry was unwell and absent from the MasterChef Australia kitchen for two challenges. As per competition protocol following a missed elimination challenge, Josh went straight into the next elimination challenge upon his return,” the Network 10 spokesperson told Yahoo! Lifestyle.

Pezza isn’t the first MasterChef Australia to have “disappeared” this season. Earlier on, Lourdes Leschen told the publication that she was unable to attend the redemption cooking challenge due to “an important surgery”, and Stephen Dennis chose not the return so he could take care of his mother.

“My mother is in hospital and is very unwell,” he said, per the publication.

“My father passed away during Covid, so I need to support my mother and it would be unfair on my family to return to filming with this in mind.”

Wishing everyone a speedy recovery from their illnesses and surgeries.

Image source: Instagram / @pezza_the_tassie_butcher