MasterChef Fans Wanna Spice Up The Show With Another New Judge & Here’s Who They Propose

MasterChef judge Andy Allen with white text reading "u wot?"

Things on MasterChef Australia are ever-changing: the recipes, the guest stars, the croquembouche challenge and the judges. Turns out, not everyone is chuffed with the 2024 lineup and they’re already calling for another name to be added to the judging panel.

For those not in the loop, MasterChef Australia has had a revolving door Lazy Susan of judges in the past five or so years.

George Calombaris, Matt Preston and Gary Mehigan wrapped up their lengthy tenure in 2019 before 2021 winner Andy Allen, foodie Melissa Leong and chef Jock Zonfrillo took the helm in 2020.

Following Zonfrillo’s tragic death in 2023, the panel got another shakeup. Leong left the series while Allen was joined by Sofia Levin, Jean-Christophe Novelli and Poh Ling Yeow in 2024.

Former MasterChef Australia judges Gary Mehigan, Matt Preston, Georgia Calombaris, Melissa Leong, Jock Zonfrillo and Andy Allen
Out with the old, in with the new… new? (Image: Ten)

Now, the beauty of cooking is that no two recipes are the same. The OG MasterChef judges aren’t going to have the same dynamic as (my personal faves) Allen, Leong and Zonfrillo, just as this trio doesn’t gel the same way as the newcomers.

However, as the history of reality TV viewers never being happy prevails, it’s no surprise that the latest judges aren’t getting rave reviews.

With only a few home cooks left vying for the win this season, fans of the competition are putting in their vote for what well-known personality should become a judge.

Per Yahoo Lifestyle, the debate kicked off with one viewer suggesting on Facebook that Vue de Monde founder Shannon Bennett “would have made a better judge than any of those current” stars.

“I’m sorry — I know there will be haters,” they acknowledged before criticising the way Levin critcises the contestants’ dishes. 

“I guess I’m hoping that the panel will be reviewed at the end of the season.”

Shannon Bennett MasterChef Australia
Can old mate Shannon Bennett save the show? (Image: Ten)

As it turns out, a bunch of fans are keen for Bennett — who has appeared as a guest judge several times over the years — to permanently join the show.

“Shannon Bennett was my first choice,” one viewer replied. “But looks like he’s not included at all now. What a shame. Andy could have gone and Shannon in his place,” yet another viewer wrote.

A second suggested that Bennett “would be feeling very used” having appeared so many times without a more permanent gig. But TBH, if all I had to do was show up, eat some food then yeet out of there — sign me up!

“I like him and the way he commented and supported the contestants,” the user added.

The proposal of a new judge comes after MasterChef fans slammed the current crew for distracting contestants mid-cook.

However, any pleas for the judges’ replacement will fall on deaf ears for the time being, because they’ve already been confirmed to return for 2025.