MasterChef Australia Fans Have Torn The Cooking Show A New One Over This Small Complaint

MasterChef Australia is one of the country’s most wholesome shows. It features rich recipes with beautiful backstories, mostly sweet contestants who champion great sportsmanship and sometimes, it has its reality TV spicy moments. However, some fans have been quite vocal about one that’s become the bain of their baine marie when it comes to the cooking show’s recent seasons.

Just like all reality TV shows — or life in general — there’s always going to be something that’ll piss people off.

When it comes to MasterChef Australia, a handful of viewers believe that the show has truly lost its meaning.

You see, the iconic cooking show features a variety of challenges that allow the contestants — who are mostly just regular people with no pro-culinary skills — to expand their experience and knowledge in the kitchen. From the flavour to textures to cooking methods and colours, the contestants across the board must partake in these tasks to move forward in the competition.

Although the wannabee masterchefs are slammed with these challenges, some viewers have argued that this year’s batch are only sticking to what they know.

(Image source: 10Play / MasterChef Australia)

In a MasterChef Australia fan group, one punter questioned the whole purpose of the show if the contestants don’t cook out of their comfort zones.

“A true MasterChef can cook across many cuisines and any course,” the fan wrote, reports Yahoo! Lifestyle.

“Again this year we are seeing contestants sticking to their preferred cuisine and for the most part one course, either main or dessert. I think the criteria for a winner needs to be truer to the real meaning of ‘MasterChef’. Don’t get me wrong I love the show, but what do others think?”

(Image source: 10Play / MasterChef Australia)

Naturally, the post created a buzz in the MasterChef Australia fanbase, with some agreeing with the original poster and others pleading for folks to give the contestants some grace.

“Yes I agree, they should be able to cook anything not just what they know,” one person wrote in support of the original poster.

“I am sick of seeing ‘family recipes’ with the sob story along with it,” a second person added.

MasterChef Australia’s Savindiri Perera fires back at haters

The heated fan group discussion comes days after fan-favourite Savindiri Perera reportedly shared a heated tweet aimed at haters who said she only cooked Sri Lankan food.

“All the people accusing me of only cooking Sri Lankan food. 1. Yes, and? 2. Are you saying cultural cuisine isn’t as skilful & masterful as European cuisine? That’s incredibly ignorant,” reportedly wrote in a since-deleted tweet, according to this screenshot on Reddit.

Sav getting back on the haters
byu/Sad-Cardiologist-292 inMasterchefAU

Per the Reddit reshare (ya cheeky buggers), the fan-fave received a mixed bag of reactions from viewers, however, a majority of Redditors believed that she was in the wrong.

Most recently, Sav shared a lengthy Instagram statement after she was eliminated and then brought back into the MasterChef Australia competition over the weekend.

In the post, the MasterChef star fired back at haters who claimed she wasn’t “feminine” enough and that she was “playing the dead mum card” on the show.

“Often, women, esp women of colour, are told to smile more, grovel more, be softer, be more feminine. Women are constantly met with impossible standards in the public eye – WOC even more so. This is why it’s important that people see me as I am,” Savindri wrote.

So far, MasterChef Australia has not responded to viewers’ criticism, but I reckon viewers often forget that these people are literally normal, everyday humans. Not bloody Gordon Ramsay.

Also, we’re only just inching towards the finale now… let’s wait until the top 10 before we start dragging people for no reason.

Image source: 10Play / MasterChef Australia