Why Has MasterChef Australia Ditched Immunity Pins For 2024? An Insider Just Revealed Why

MasterChef Australia 2024 has brought in a lot of changes to its regular formula. We’ve seen new challenges, new judges and new celebrity guest chefs. OG fans of the cooking comp have also noticed that a ‘yuge incentive in the show had been completely nixed.

In most competition shows, contestants are usually given an option to win some kind of immunity. In Survivor, this can be done by completing little tasks or winning challenges.

In MasterChef Australia, immunity can be awarded by winning challenges or the high-pressure Immunity Pin Challenge, which is one of the things you want to have on your apron if you’re gunning for the $250,000 prize.

However, it appears that this year’s MasterChef Australia has changed the process for 2024 with only one pin being handed out in Episode One.

Here are some of the theories as to why MasterChef Australia 2024 has scaled back on the high-stakes Immunity Pin Challenge.

What is the MasterChef Australia Immunity Pin Challenge?

First of all, we must ask ourselves, what is an immunity pin? Well, in short, whoever wields the highly sought-after immunity pin will be given the power to tap out of any challenge at any time, including eliminations.

Back in the day, the immunity pin could only be won during the MasterChef Australia Immunity Pin Challenge (duh!), where a contestant competed against a professional chef.

However, with MasterChef Australia 2024, the single immunity pin challenge was awarded to the chef with the best dish picked by the judges.

The 2024 immunity pin was won by Nat with her kangaroo larb.

The adrenaline-loving cook — who has been tipped to win the season — used the immunity pin later on during round two of the Rick Stein seafood challenge.

Nat pulled the immunity pin less than 10 minutes before the challenge ended. (Image source: 10Play / MasterChef Australia)

Why is there no Immunity Pin Challenge in MasterChef Australia 2024?

After fans noticed that the Immunity Pin Challenge kinda kapooted into thin air, Redditors began to come up with their own theories on r/MasterChefAU.

Some folks argued that the highly-coveted pin was nixed from Season 16 due to budget cuts with 2024 bringing in four judges instead of three.

“Since they added an additional judge, they no longer have the budget for more immunity pins,” one Redditor shared.

Another Redditor suggested that the challenge could’ve been cut as this year’s MasterChef Australia was condensed into four episodes a week, rather than five.

“I think its mostly because there’s four episodes a week now, it used to be five a week,” one person commented.

“They did the same last year when they announced the show would be more condensed 1 episode less a week / no master classes and a shorter run. They also ditched Katy Perry,” another Redditor added.

Me waiting for “Hot & Cold” to play. (Image source: 10Play / MasterChef Australia)

One person also speculated that the challenge “affected” the chef’s reputation when they lost to contestants. However, that theory was quickly shut down by other MasterChef fans.

Speaking to PEDESTRIAN.TV, a spokesperson for Network 10 revealed that it was nixed to keep the new MasterChef season fresh.

“Each season creative changes are made to keep the format fresh and interesting for the audience. Immunity challenges still remain this season, just in varied forms,” they told PTV.

I guess with a new judging panel comes new challenges, but TBH I kinda like the idea of no immunity pin. It means that it’s harder to stay in the comp and things are more high stakes!

If we are talking about ‘yuge reality TV changes, I reckon we should turn our attention to Love Island Australia and its lack of Casa Amor.

Like, where’s the drama, babes?

Image source: 10Play