The Masked Singer Australia has just revealed the winner of this season, and the face behind Vampire’s mask is… Anastacia!! As in pop royalty and the international singer of I’m Outta Love Anastacia!! Huge!!

Of course an international singer won this show. A worthy victor.

Here are the clues for the pop queen so far:

  • I am Vampire. And I am eternal. I do not fear the daylight. I embrace it and it embraced me.
  • It fed me when I was needing it. I am the child of vampires. Who I am runs through my blood. But vampires age slowly.
  • As a vampire, I have unexpected power. I don’t wish to be unkind, but do not underestimate me. Werewolves fear gold. Vampires do not. We revel in it. The heavier the better.
  • When asked if she came from an entertainment family, Vampire said: “Although vampires can be made, the purest vampire has it in the blood from birth.”

Second round:

  • I am a modern vampire. The old church holds no fear for me. But that does not make me a hero.
  • Unlike most vampires, I glimpse my future in the daylight. I knew there would be difficulties, but I should fear nothing.
  • Vampires do not concern ourselves with the stupid things.
  • The nations of the earth have cheered me on. Tears have flowed too.
  • I have not slept since my teenage years.
  • My life is like a waking dream.
  • I am Vampire, and no masked singer can stand against me.
  • When put through the ‘mind reader’,  Vampire was shown to be thinking of Freddie Mercury and said: “In music, Freddie was the King. But who is the Queen?”

Third round:

  • I am Vampire. Tremble before me.
  • Am I a creature of Transylvania? Close.
  • But I have walked most of the Earth. Like a grand duchess, I rule all before me.
  • Vampires have no age. We are timeless.
  • A lifetime is but a day. I shall never be a crone. The night-time belongs to vampires. It is when we work and play.
  • It is what I wanted long before you ever heard my name.
  • I am vampire, and I shall rule tonight.

Fourth round:

  • I am Vampire. Mystery surrounds me.
  • But I love life in all its erratic, blood-pumping beauty. What I wear is proof of that.
  • I was scarred by my childhood.
  • Surrounded constantly by my dream that always seemed to slip away into the distance.
  • I thought I wouldn’t make the cut.
  • Even for vampires, it is a world for men. But I have conquered that world, being a man that no man could be. I am Vampire. And I cannot be vanquished.

Fifth round:

  • I am Vampire. And my kind shall rule the earth.
  • For too long, I walked between two worlds, forever in the grey zone.
  • I was unloved by my own but strangers took me into their hearts. It’s important to do the thing you love without fear. But some people just can’t stay.
  • In my younger years, I was sustained by a craze. Now I walk alone.
  • For vampires, age is just a state of mind.
  • We can appear as old… or as young as we want.
  • I am Vampire. And I shall never die in this competition.

Sixth round:

  • Even for a vampire, life has disappointment. The undead have troubles, are sick and tired,
    but we stand tall and carry on.
  • Vampires speak many tongues. But can be unheard by those closest to us. This is my choice.
  • I am the undead, but I live life every day. I have learnt to wait, for patience is a virtue. I followed my own Golden Brick Road. But not just gold. Silver. Platinum.
  • When troubles weigh heavy on your heart, see the world through rose-tinted glasses.
  • For two lies and a truth, Vampire said: “As a child, I had a one armed dentist, My debut album sold fewer than 1,000 copies and I have a 2010 World Cup soccer ball signed by Tim Cahill.”

Seventh round:

  • Vampire is like me in so many ways.
  • We both walk the space between two worlds.
  • I wasn’t comfortable with that at first. But I am now.
  • Time gives wisdom. And vampires have a lot of time.
  • Two hearts beat inside this costume – mine and Vampire’s.
  • Hers is fearless. And I hope mine is too.

Final Clue:

  • I am someone who always turns a negative into a positive. The mere fact that in these dark times I get to do what I love to do, I’m beyond grateful. I feel blessed that I can do right here for you what I can’t do right now in my life.

You can catch up on The Masked Singer Australia at 10Play.