Masked Singer Fans Reckon The Grand Finale Was Fkn Sketchy & I’m Not Taking Off My Tinfoil Hat

Comedian Dave Hughes on The Masked Singer judging panel wearing a striped red and black jacket and black shirt

In devastating news for lovers of rogue B-grade celebrities singing bops beneath extravagant, bedazzled masks, The Masked Singer Australia officially came to an end on Sunday night. But fans have unveiled a divine conspiracy theory regarding DaveHughsey” Hughes and a disgustingly good “guess” which has well and truly sent me into orbit.

For those of us who sincerely watched the grand finale, we know that the vivacious, effervescent Mirrorball won the show. And who was beneath that dazzling disco ball? Why, it was none other than former Pussycat Dolls star Melody Thornton! A worthy winner who left me feeling gooped after every performance.

True Masked Singer stans also know that day in, day out, Hughesy’s hunches have been bamboozling to say the least.

Who could forget when he thought the deliciously girly Poodle — who was revealed to be Tori Spelling — was French actor Gérard Depardieu? Or when he guessed that Gnome was Croatian tennis player Goran Ivanišević, when he was in fact Matt Preston?

And the pièce de résistance: the time he thought Shannon Noll‘s Blowfly was opera singer Luciano Pavarotti, who died in 2007.

I’m shaking at the thought of Pavarotti coming back from the dead, just so he can dress as a bogan insect and sing one of Bon Jovi‘s greatest hits.

But during the Masked Singer grand finale, something perplexing happened: dear Hughsey correctly guessed that Mirrorball was Thornton.

And fans smelled a big, fat, juicy rat that would’ve put Emile from Ratatouille to shame.

I’m not saying there was or wasn’t a leak, for I am an objective and ethical reporter. It’s simply not my circus, nor is it my monkeys.

But unlike the unveiling ceremonies on The Masked Singer, I refuse to take my tinfoil hat off. It’s been firmly on since I watched the grand finale and I don’t believe I’ll be swapping it for a cap anytime soon.

This cat perfectly encapsulates what’s happening in my brain RN.

No thoughts, just me screaming at a Hughsey x Mirrorball conspiracy theory.