Martha Kalifatidis Has Issued An IG Apology After Being Roasted For Singing A Racial Slur

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MAFS alum Martha Kalifatidis has responded to fan outrage after she sang a racial slur in a song during an Instagram Live. This eventually lead to her being dumped by beauty brand GHD. It’s a whole mess, let’s get into it.

In a video posted to Instagram, Kalifatidis was singing along to Nicki Minaj‘s “Only”. And yes, she mouthed along to the N-word. It’s something you just don’t ever fkn do and she did it. On camera.

Kalifatidis was also driving when she recorded the clip. So Dramatic! saved the video here.

The MAFS star reportedly deleted the video when fans called her out for saying the racial slur. Fans then continued to hold her accountable in the comments of her Instagram posts.

Kalifatidis posted an apology to her Instagram story on Thursday night saying she “loves and appreciates every colour.”

“Towards the end of last week, I posted something offensive on my IG stories. I was singing along to a song which included a racial slur. I immediately noticed my mistake and I removed the content,” she wrote.

“I had no intent to hurt anyone — but that doesn’t excuse my actions and I completely accept that it’s wrong. We shall all acknowledge the seriousness of the word.

“I am nothing but deeply sorry. I had no intent to cause anyone harm.

“Again, I’m sorry to any person I’ve offended. I am learning and listening and am treating this experience as a learning curve.”

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Martha’s full apology (Source: Instagram).

One of Kalifatidis’ followers reportedly messaged GHD about the video. It was revealed via DMs from a spokesperson for GHD that the company had in fact decided to drop Kalifatidis as brand partner after seeing it.

“GHD will not be partnering with Martha Kalifatidis in any capacity moving forward, as we do not condone offensive or hurtful language,” the spokesperson wrote.

Hopefully this is the last we hear about this entire saga with Kalifatidis.

PEDESTRIAN.TV reached out to Kalifatidis to comment on this story. She did not reply at the time of publishing.

Kalifitidis and her MAFS partner Michael Brunelli announced they were formally engaged in December.