Greta Gerwig And Margot Robbie Reveal The One Film That Walked So Barbie Could Run

Hi Barbies! Hi Kens! The press tour for the pink soon-to-be smash hit film Barbie kicked off yesterday and we’ve already learned a bunch of new info about the mysterious flick. Director Greta Gerwig, and lead stars Margot Robbie, Issa Rae, and America Ferrera rocked up to Sydney’s Bondi beach to dish the dirt on the long-awaited film.

During the conference, they spilled a bunch of juicy details about the one film that they believed paved the way so that they could go absolutely nuts in making the plastic and fantastic world of Barbie come to life. Because while it’s projected to be the biggest film of the year, Barbie is pretty different from the other “testosterone” movies that we’ve seen hit the cinema this year.

According to Margot and Greta, having a well-funded female-led film like Barbie in the cinema is only possible because of the other female-led movies that came before it.

“Obviously, I want the movie to do well because we all worked hard and we love it so much, but I think it is important that this does do well,” Margot told the panel.

“Like if Wonderwoman hadn’t done what Wonder Woman had done, I don’t know if people would’ve given us the budget we got. It’s so important.”

Greta agreed, adding that she was “so thankful” that Patty Jenkins made the superhero film.

“Hopefully we can be an extra stepping stone for the next thing too,” Margot said.

So basically, Wonder Woman walked so Barbie could run. We love to see it!

Earlier this year, Robbie revealed to Vogue that she would’ve loved for Wonder Woman, AKA Gal Gadot, to be one of the Barbies in the 2023 movie but she passed on the opportunity due to a packed schedule.

“Gal Gadot is so impossibly beautiful, but you don’t hate her for being that beautiful because she’s so genuinely sincere, and she’s so enthusiastically kind, that it’s almost dorky,” the Wolf Of Wall Street actress said during the press conference.

When Margot stepped into the role, she was certain that she wanted to play Barbie in a nuanced and non-ditzy way.

“You’ll see all this stuff at the beginning of the movie that sets up how intelligent Barbie is but at the same time, she hasn’t been exposed to so many concepts that she’s going to be exposed to in the real world,” she explained.

“So it was a fine line between playing naivety without coming across as unintelligent because I didn’t want it to seem ditzy. That’s just not interesting to play. It’s not interesting to watch either.

“There are times in the movie where we lean into stereotypes. We literally call my Barbie ‘Stereotypical Barbie’. So we’re very much leaning into some stereotypes so that we can in a way of being self-aware, play up the comedy and also have a deeper conversation about some sort of issue.”

God, I’m so fkn excited. You can catch me wearing only bubblegum pink until July 20 when Barbie hits cinemas.

(Image Source: Instagram / America Ferrera @americaferrera)