C’mon Barbie Let’s Go Party: The First Reactions To The Barbie Movie Are Here

Hi Barbie! Hi Ken! The countdown to the Australian premiere of Barbie is on and the ability to tune into the highly-anticipated flick is just right around the corner. But at the world premiere of Greta Gerwig‘s plastic and fantastic film in Los Angeles, a select group of lucky people got to feast their eyes on the creation. And boy, are they loving it sick.

I don’t think I’d be the only one to wonder whether the hype was all smoke and mirrors. After all, the marketing budget seems absolutely bonkers. The cast has been flown all over the world. Producer and lead Margot Robbie has a never-ending array of vintage outfits, many of which reference outfits the OG Barbie doll has worn in the past. They even put a goddamn giant Barbie logo sticker at the bottom of the Bondi Icebergs pool.

So, in short, they got ~money~.

Full disclosure, I’ve seen a whopping 22 minutes of the film. And while I loved every bloody second that I saw, who knows what the following one hour and 33 minutes had in store? Thankfully, the reviews are confirming what girlies all over the world have been hoping: Barbie is actually really fkn good.

So far, the viewers are praising Gerwig for her feminist storytelling, saying that Robbie slayed as Barbie and that the set design was a dream come true. But one of the big calls made by the first people to dip their toes into the Barbie world was that Ryan Gosling deserves an Oscar for his portrayal of Ken.

Honestly, I’ve been saying that ever since I saw this incredible clip.

The way he says “boyfren-girlfren” like a child? An impeccable choice based on realism by our smooth-part-playing king.

Don’t believe me? Here’s what a bunch of journos and viewers had to say.

Only nine days to go for us Aussies until we can all be Barbie girls! I can’t wait!

Image Source: Getty / Albert L. Ortega