It Sure Looks Like The Barbie Movie Is Using Actual ’90s Doll Fits So Here’s How They Match Up

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While we’re waiting with bated breath for Greta Gerwig‘s Barbie to drop in 2023, plenty of sneak peeks of the movie dropped as filming kicked off in California. Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling have been spotted in full Barbie and Ken fits, but how heavily are they inspired by real-life gear worn by the iconic dolls?

When photos of Margot’s Barbie and Ryan’s Ken appeared with them in eye-watering bright fluoro fits and rollerblades, a tiny bell rang in my head. I’d seen these outfits before. An old friend was truly obsessed with Barbie long ago (seriously, we have photographic evidence of her huge collection) and it featured that deeply ’90s pattern.

So let’s take a look at all the Barbie outfits and their actual Barbie inspirations, shall we?

The ’90s Dolls That Likely Inspired The Barbie Movie Outfits

Hot Skatin’ Barbie

Head-to-toe fluoro and busy patterns feature in this iconic Barbie fit. It screams ’90s Malibu so it’s no shock that Margot and Ryan donned this to go rollerblading along the Californian coast.

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[Image: Getty Images / MEGA/GC Images)
This outfit is basically a direct take from the mid-’90s doll, Hot Skatin’ Barbie.

barbie outfits movie
The busy patterns, the offensively bright yellow skates, knee and elbow pads and accessories. All I need is to see Margot pull up to a bench and switch the blades out for a pair of white ice skates and I’ll be happy.

Earring Magic Ken

A simply incredible cast photo was dropped when Ryan Gosling was first announced in the role of heartthrob Ken. It’s got everything you’d expect from someone like Ryan playing Ken — bleach blonde hair, a ridiculous spray tan and a perfect six-pack under a cutoff denim vest.

Fans were quick to point out that this particular fit is dangerously close to 1993’s Earring Magic Ken, which was designed by a focus group of young girls and was immediately seen, as Dan Savage put it, “a queer Ken“.

barbie ken move outfits
I mean look at him. All Ryan’s missing is the earring and pendant necklace and he’s a pretty close match to the Ken doll that became an accidental queer icon in the 90s.

Are we gonna get Blossom Beauty and Twirlin’ Make-Up Barbie outfits in the new film? C’mon Greta Gerwig, give the people (me) what they want. I’m crossing my fingers and toes.