Fans Think They Found Margot Robbie’s Letterboxd & Are These Spicy Hints For Her Barbie Movie?

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Hey there Kens, Barbies and other members of the Dreamhouse estate. Fans of Margot Robbie reckon they’ve found her secret Letterboxd account, which may just give us the biggest clue yet as to what the hell this new Barbie movie is all about.

All we know so far about Barbie is that Greta Gerwig (Lady Bird, Little Women) is directing the film and Margot will be acting alongside her real-life lookalike Emma Mackey. Oh, we also know that the movie will be dropping in 2023.

Some fans reckon the movie will be a high-art girl boss film about breaking expectations and climbing the ladders of success, while others suspect the movie may be a dark and insidious look at perfection and impossible beauty standards.

The guessing may soon come to an end, however, as folks reckon they’ve found Margot’s secret Letterboxd.

Letterboxd is a site where you can rate and sort movies into categories. It’s like a journal of all your cinematic interests.

According to TikToker @nicholasjanzen (Nicholas Janzen), Margot had a movie category on her Letterboxd called “Watch for Barbie” that included movies such as The Truman Show and Puberty Blues.

“She quickly deactivated today once fans became aware of it,” said Janzen.

“There was one interesting tidbit of information that came from this discovery: this list on her page titled ‘Watch for Barbie’.

“Some very interesting titles on here, as if I couldn’t be more excited.”


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The movies included in the category were Puberty Blues, The Young Girls of Rochefort, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, Splash and The Truman Show.

An interesting mix indeed. Two of the movies on this list (Rochefort and Cherbourg) are by French director Jacques Demy. This possibly hints at something more artsy and spectacular.

Every movie apart from The Truman Show is about falling in love in some sense, while Splash and Truman are about an individual stuck in a world they aren’t used to. A lot to go off here and I for one have never been more excited.

Obvs, there’s no official confirmation that this was Margot’s real Letterboxd, but folks in the comments of the video reckon the account used her email address.

“How do people find out things like this? Like how do we know it was actually her,” asked one TikTok user.

“If you know her email, you can see where the email is used to create accounts,” answered another.

I think the best part is the idea that Margot is studying The Truman Show for a movie called Barbie. Will people be observing this poor woman living her life in a plastic world? I need to know!