Manu Feildel Is Still ‘Good Friends’ With Famed Dipshit Pete Evans & Save Nigella, Honestly

My Kitchen Rules host Manu Feildel has made the bold and unusual choice to openly admit that he’s still “good friends” with Pete Evans. Yep, Mr Conspiracy Theory himself. Definitely a guy you’d want to be mates with!

Feildel appeared on’s podcast I’ve Got News For You to chat about the new season of MKR. He co-hosted the show with Evans for eleven seasons. But Evans was let go from the show in 2020 and it subsequently went on haitus.

It’s returning this month with the genuinely delightful Nigella Lawson as Feildel’s co-host.

In the interview, brought up Pete Evans, asking if Manu missed having Pete “by his side” this season.

“Of course,” he said.

“Pete and I have known each other for a long time, we’re still good friends today. Yeah, missing that.”

He did say it was “nice to work with someone new” though.

“It’s exciting to be working with someone else,” he said.

Yeah, maybe someone who hasn’t been given the Bent Spoon Award? Or tried to cast doubt on sunscreen, of all things? Or posted a literal neo-Nazi meme on social media and later apologised “to anyone who misinterpreted” his post and “perceived that [he] was promoting hatred”? And was also dropped by his publisher and loads of brands?

Pete Evans: super cool guy!

Yeah, maybe it’s a bit weird doing a show with a new co-host for the first time, but your co-host is Nigella Fucking Lawson. She is the moment, she is everything, she is microhwåve. And she hasn’t, you know, had her Facebook taken down ‘cos of COVID misinformation.

Though in tragic news, it looks like Nigella will only be co-hosting the first bit of My Kitchen Rules.

The Australian previously reported she’ll “appear only for the first round of the show”. Then Matt Preston will host round two and Colin Fassnidge and Curtis Stone will judge the finale.

Honestly, I’m still not over the absolutely staggering upgrade that is ditching Pete Evans for Nigella Lawson. The mind boggles.