Pete Evans Is Getting Shredded Online After Allegedly Linking Warnie’s Death To COVID Vaccines

Pete evans

Just when we thought Pete Evans couldn’t get any worse, the man seems to have outdone himself and become even more insufferable than he already was — by allegedly co-opting Shane Warne‘s death to spread anti-vax propaganda.

A video of the chef-turned-controversial-conspiracy-theorist speaking in what appears to be a Zoom meeting has leaked online, in which he can be heard allegedly linking Warnie’s death to vaccines.

“Shane Warne was an amazing cricket player for sure … (it’s) sad,” Evans said in the video.

“Who knows what the reasons behind this are and I can’t comment on it.

“However, so many doctors I’ve interviewed have been screaming for the last year-and-a-half, saying the vaccines are going to cause death like we’ve never seen across the planet.

“And they’re all predicting we’re not going to see the outcomes of this — or the real side effects — for the next three to five years. We’re witnessing it happening with athletes on field and there’s a reason behind that.”

While it’s unclear whether these are actual doctors or imaginary friends, it certainly appears that Pete Evans is implying Shane Warne may have died from side effects of a COVID vaccine — even though official sources cited a suspected heart attack for his untimely death.

The unfounded and quite frankly dangerous speculation has led to anger on social media, with people calling out Evans’ for a putrid display of slimy opportunism.

Others reckon we should just launch the conspiracy theorist into the sun and get it over with.

There are a lot of ways to become the most hated man in Australia (just ask Scott Morrison), but seeking to capitalise on Shane Warne’s death is certainly up there.