Modern-Day Icarus Pete Evans Still Reckons Sunscreen’s A Massive Con

Pete Evans

The world is in a state of uncertainty right now, thanks to Trump, Brexit, climate change and myriad other frightening phenomena, but in these dark times, you can always count on your boy Pete Evans to come through with the spiciest of hot takes on the issues that really matter.

Evans recently made headlines when he talked up the health benefits of staring into the sun, in a process known as sungazing. He doubled down on those comments in a recent News Corp interview, hinting at a sinister mainstream media conspiracy to keep us from lapping up the sun’s healing rays.

Addressing the backlash to his original Instagram post, he took aim at his critics, saying: “I mean, how warped is the reality of the world where medical professions are saying don’t look at a sunrise or a sunset because it could be bad for your health?”

He then went on to suggest that Aussies are being lied to about the benefits of the old slip, slop, slap, telling the interviewer:

“Even today we have the mainstream media saying if we are walking to the bus we need to be lathering up in sunscreen every single day. I mean, is that not the most ludicrous thing that has ever been said in the history of humankind?”

This is not the first time Pete Evans has had a crack at the sunscreen industry. The My Kitchen Rules judge says he typically avoids sun protection, but occasionally uses a product known as Surf Mud. During a 2016 Facebook Q&A, he laid out his thoughts, saying:

“The silly thing is people put on normal chemical sunscreen then lay out in the sun for hours on end and think that they are safe because they have covered themselves in poisonous chemicals, which is a recipe for disaster as we are witnessing these days … We need to respect the sun but not hide from it either as it is so beneficial for us, but use common sense. The goal is always never to burn yourself.”

My Kitchen Rules returns for its tenth season tomorrow.