Pete Evans Absolutely Destroys Critics By Posting Photo Of His Own Buttcrack

You know Pete Evans, the celebrity chef who had that book delayed because health professionals were criticising it for containing dietary advice that was juuuust a bit deadly to infants? I’m sorry to report that he’s up to some nonsense again.

Evans has been in the news lately after the president of the Australian Medical Association urged Netflix to pull Evans’ upcoming documentary The Magic PillIn it, Evans suggests that a ketogenic diet (eschewing carbohydrates and getting more proteins and fats) could help with or even cure things like cancer, autism, and asthma.

AMA president Dr Tony Bartone told Fairfax that he was concerned it would make people steer away from actual medical treatment in favour of just dietary changes. Additionally, the removal of those food groups could see the patient’s conditions worsen, especially from things like weight loss.

Evans bridled yesterday at a segment on The Project discussing Bartone’s criticism, specifically with a joke about his having whitened his teeth and gotten a fake tan. Being a perfectly normal person, Evans responded by saying that he would “post a nude” later in the day to show that his tan is natural.

What we got was this:

This makes as much sense to me as it does to you. What a strange, strange man.