Big-Time Brain Genius Pete Evans Now Advocating For Staring At The Sun

Probably one of the best reminders that life is not at all a meritocracy is the fact that Pete Evans almost definitely has more money than you do. The celebrity chef who loves cavorting nude with horses and selling recipes for babies that could quite possibly kill them has enjoyed nothing but success despite being only very barely tethered to this Earth in any fashion.

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Perhaps the bulk of the planet’s medical knowledge will eventually be proven to be a complete sham, but for now Pete Evans appears to be a man who just chooses to believe the exact opposite of what we currently understand to be true. He advises against using sunscreen and believes fluoridated water is the cause of all society’s problems (if it’s not fluoride, it’s wifi). While he might be risk averse in these areas, there are some others in which he is bizarrely cavalier in recommending. Like this one:

Ladies and gentleman, Pete Evans is now advocating for staring at the sun. To make sure we didn’t think he was just referring to watching a sunrise or sunset in the wankiest terms possible, he added “#sungazing” to the end to make it perfectly clear that, yes, he is talking about staring into the sun for (supposed) therapeutic purposes.

While he tastefully advocates for just a ‘brief glance’, even just a few seconds of staring at the sun can cause damage and doctors recommend that you just never stare straight at the sun, at all, for any period of time, because why the fuck would you.

Absolutely baffling man.