‘Q&A’ Is Moving To Channel 7, Pete Evans To Replace Tony Jones As Host

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With My Kitchen Rules flagging in the ratings this year, Channel 7 has made an aggressive bid to get back on top, acquiring the rights to long-running panel show Q&A from the ABC

Their revamped version of the series will see host Tony Jones dumped and replaced by network golden boy Pete Evans, who will cast his unblinking gaze on the topics that really matter to Australians today. 
The show, once described as a “leftie lynch mob” by Tony Abbott, will see a return to journalistic integrity under Evans’ keen stewardship. 
“Has the modern day journalist lost sight of their code of ethics?” he asked. “Let’s have a look at what they are meant to represent and uphold!”
The first panel will include Seafood King Josh Meeuwissen, Evans’ personal shaman, a lady from Perth who runs an anti-fluoride group on Facebook, and David Leyonhjelm.
They will discuss topics like ‘Sunscreen – The Silent Killer?’ and ‘Almonds – How Activated Is Too Activated?’ 
When asked about his ousting by reporters, Tony Jones said “I’ll take that as a comment.”
Manu Feildel will not be involved, although a Channel 7 publicist assures us that he and Evans remain bosom buddies and the best of friends.
Source: Chefs Against Fake News.
Photo: Pete Evans / Instagram.