Alleged Leaked Texts Reveal ‘MAFS’ Is In For A Classic Wife-Swap Involving Mikey & Stacey

Married At First Sight groom Mikey Pembroke hit the ‘leave’ button on Sunday night’s cooked ep but his TV missus Natasha Spencer forced him to stay.

Now, alleged leaked texts reveal that old mate Mikey went on a wife-swap mission to mend his cooked MAFS sitch.

Both New Idea and Woman’s Day published explosive texts that expose an apparent secret relationship between Mikey and co-star Stacey Hampton.

The messages, which are time stamped a month into filming in October, show the pair being v. flirty with each other and even suggesting a wife-swap.

“If they let you swap, would u (sic) do it?” Mikey asks Stacey, before suggesting he would ask the show’s producers what the protocol is RE: wife-swaps.

In other texts, Mikey tells Stacey he’s keen to mack on with her and they appear to discuss spending a night together, without their partners’ knowledge.

Stacey asks, “Are you coming tonight?” and later discusses how Mikey left in the morning without giving her a proper goodbye.

Stacey, obviously understanding the repercussions of the scandal, writes: “If Natasha knew she would die.”

When Women’s Day approached Stacey for a comment, she insisted that her relationship with Mikey never became sexual or intimate and, frankly, IDK what to believe.

Check out the alleged leaked texts, as well as photos of the pair hanging out, here.