Leaked texts are doing the ’rounds this morning, showing Married At First Sight groom Mikey Pembroke discussing his affair with Stacey Hampton to then-missus Natasha Spencer.

In a series of messages, Mikey texted Natasha to apologise, after she’d heard the rumour about Stacey from another co-star.

The text exchange suggests he did, in fact, have a one-night stand with Stacey.

“[We] will talk tomorrow. [It’s] not great but neither was our experiment and we had finished by the time it happened, that I promise you,” Mikey wrote to Natasha.

“Stacey isn’t down to earth babe,” she responded, referencing how Mikey had previously said he wanted a more “laid-back” partner than she had been.

“Sorry if I have hurt you. It wasn’t anything more than what it was,” added Mikey.

Leaked Texts Reveal ‘MAFS’ Bride Natasha’s Reaction After Mikey Told Her He Slept W/ Stacey

Catch the leaked texts here.

At the final dinner party, Mikey apologised to Natasha in person for what went down. Have a read of our recap for more tea on that whole sitch.