Ex-MAFS Star Stacey Hampton Is Facing Two Years In Jail & A $20K Fine For COVID Breaches

Former MAFS bride Stacey Hampton has appeared in court after being charged with allegedly breaching COVID-19 guidelines during lockdown last year.

News.com.au reports that Stacey was charged with three counts of breaching restrictions last year after going on an interstate holiday instead of self-isolating. The publication adds that Stacey’s sweet vacay was a shopping holiday, which makes it all the more hilarious. The fucking entitlement, mate.

She was arrested at Adelaide Airport on May 6 upon her return from Melbourne.

Back then, only essential travellers were allowed to skip quarantine, but non-essential travellers needed to isolate for two weeks.

Stacey Hampton now faces fines of up to $20,000 and could go away for two years, if found guilty.

Still trying to figure out who the fuck Stacey Hampton is? She rose to reality TV fame after appearing in Married At First Sight last year.

She was partnered with absolute crackpot Michael Goonan, and, surprise, surprise, their marriage from hell did not last.

A coupla days before her court appearance, Stacey Hampton posted a mirror selfie to Instagram and in the caption, she appeared to address the incident.

“I keep moving forward so the past doesn’t follow me and remind me where I went wrong”, the caption read.

Stacey’s MAFS ex, Michael, then commented: “Every now and again it’s nice to slam the car into reverse”.

Her reply has absolutely fucking sent me: “Only if I’m reversing into you darling”.

Seriously WHO are these people?