What The Actual Fuck: Was I The Only One Grossed Out By The Biphobia In Last Night’s MAFS?

On last night’s episode of MAFS, we were introduced to a bunch of intruders, including a Queensland prison case officer named Liam Cooper.

During the ep, he married pink-loving bride Georgia Fairweather, before revealing his sexuality at the reception.

He said that although he is bisexual, he ultimately wants to start a family with a woman.

“So when it comes to my future I do see myself with a woman and having kids and having that kind of relationship,” he said prior to his MAFS wedding.

“I know there’s a lot of people that won’t understand that but that’s what I want.”

Upon learning of Liam’s sexuality, the other contestants appear stunned before laughing at the revelation, and seriously, I can’t have been the only one that was disturbed by that.

Why did the other MAFS contestants look at him like he has three heads when he revealed he was bi? Why in 2021 is this shit still happening?

Meanwhile Twitter was flooded with biphobic tweets (of course it fucking was) but in the midst of it all, there were folks who called the show out for its grossness, which we love to see.

MAFS 2021 continues tonight on Nine.