CONTENT WARNING: This article discusses homophobic and misogynistic abuse.

MAFS has been forced to remove one of its 2022 contestants from the show after a series of disturbing social media posts that were posted by the would-be reality star were discovered.

After being unveiled as one of the grooms on the new season of MAFS, fans uncovered the disturbing videos while sussing out FIFO miner Simon Blackburn‘s social media.

Simon Blackburn in the MAFS 2022 teaser. (Credit: MAFS)

During one Instagram livestream, Blackburn made gross homophobic statements, describing homosexuality as “filth.”

“You might as well just jump in a box, you’re gonna get AIDS,” he said in the video.

“If you are gay, you are gonna get AIDS. It’s just disgusting. It’s like filth, it’s actually filth. That sexual orientation is fucking filth.”

Meanwhile on TikTok, he made gross misogynistic comments about his ex, claiming she would “sit on YouTube all day” and repeatedly called her a cunt.

He also made fatphobic comments, saying he’d never date women who weigh “over 60 kilos.”

As the footage started to go viral, Blackburn defended his actions on Instagram, writing: “Leave the past in the past.”

He went on to claim that he’s currently suffering from COVID and asked people to stop contacting him.

“To clarify, I haven’t posted on TikTok in six months and all videos of me are reposts or screenshots of lives from last year! Not my current thoughts or mindset!

“No further comment will be given! I’ve got COVID, let me rest!”

Nine has since released a statement via So Dramatic!, revealing Blackburn has been dropped from the new season of MAFS.

“When unacceptable social media content was discovered in relation to Simon Blackburn we immediately took steps to remove him from the program,” a spokesperson said.