Finally, at long last, the tea we’ve all been waiting for: Liam Cooper has returned to Instagram and immediately started speaking out about the fucking horrendous video of his MAFS co-stars being homophobic and foul. You know, the one that circulated during the show and somehow didn’t ever get brought up? Yeah, that one.

Here we go, mates. Here we fucken GO.

Liam got the logins back to his social media accounts this evening – around the same time as He Who Shall Not Be Named – and immediately took the opportunity to give us what we’ve all been yearning after for weeks.

After posting a photo and story making his return to Insta, he then posted up THE video (!!!) with a lengthy-ass caption, declaring that “the truth is coming out”.

I’m screaming. I’m yelling. I’m yelling and screaming and I think my housemates probably hate me by now.

Labelled as Part One (because, yes, this is going to be a journey, people), Liam wanted to get his thoughts on record about the video, which he agreed as being homophobic, biphobic, fat-shaming bullying.

Yes babe, go IN.

“I support G for speaking her truth and wanting to set boundaries within our relationship if we were to continue,” Liam wrote.

“However, knowing what I know now about how she contributed and circulated this video before final vows, I am glad I made the decision to walk away.

Liam said that when he found out about the video, he felt sick knowing that people he had become close friends with – and someone he was falling in love with – thought it was funny to “laugh, make comments, and not defend me or the LGBTQIA+ community”.

“People need to know that this video IS a form of bullying,” he continued.

“It’s fat-shaming and it IS homophobic and Biphobic! The type of behaviour shown in this video can start eating disorders, affect someone’s mental health or feel like they can’t come out and express their sexuality because of uneducated people.”

Finally, Liam’s able to break his silence around the whole fucked ordeal, and it’s absolutely what he deserves to be able to do. Everyone did him so fucking dirty, it’s only right he should be able to give his perspective without being silenced or erased.

Remember, this is only the first part of Liam telling his truth about his MAFS experience and reaction to the video, so join me on the edge of my seat as we await part two on his Instagram.

Forget that red brick of a bloke whose name I refuse to let pass my lips, this is the justice I wanted to see post-MAFS.

Image: Instagram / @lcoop_13