Just when ya thought we were done with MAFS 2021 drama, another vicious rant by Jason Engler has leaked. FFS.

Daily Mail Australia has shared footage that was reportedly taped on the set of MAFS at the height of the homophobic video controversy, where Jason can allegedly be heard saying he “doesn’t care” about his co-star’s feelings.

In the video, which was filmed back in February, a producer asks him why Liam ignored him at the dinner party and he goes off on a rant about his co-star.

“To be honest I don’t actually care, Liam is someone who I would never ever associate with on the outside world, so you know. I don’t actually care,” he said.

“He’s not one of my boys, and will never, ever be one of my boys so I haven’t spoken to him. I haven’t seen the guy.”

Catch the full thing here.

In the previously mentioned video, which was obtained by the So Dramatic! podcast, Jason goes on a homophobic and racist rant, alongside MAFS bride Georgia Fairweather, a.k.a. Liam’s partner, and fellow MAFS groom Johnny Balbuziente.

Jason calls Liam a “110% wanker” and repeatedly calls him “ugly, fat, chubby,” as well as a “full blown homosexual.”

It’s not surprising that this scene was omitted from the show considering they previously scrapped the moment where Jason Engler, along with Johnny and Georgia, were confronted about the clip in the final ep.

According to the So Dramatic! podcast, Liam Cooper confronted the trio in the last episode and chaos ensued, meaning there was at least some accountability (have a listen to the ep here for the explosive details).

But that scene ended up on the editing room floor, along with the above vid that somehow leaked to the Daily Mail.

Despite being unapologetic about the video in the leaked scene, Jason Engler later apologised after the video of the initial rant leaked on social media.

“I would like to sincerely apologise for my comments in regards to a fellow MAFS participant’s sexuality,” he said in a lame-ass statement to Daily Mail Australia.

“After a few too many drinks I made some inappropriate remarks that I am ashamed of and greatly regret. I will learn from this and try to become a better person from this experience.”

Sure, Jan.