Leaked Video Shows MAFS’ Jason Going On A Homophobic Rant Against Liam & The Footage Is Fkd

A video featuring three MAFS contestants has circulated on Instagram, which appears to show groom Jason Engler using homophobic and body-shaming language towards bisexual groom Liam Cooper, who was not present at the time.

The video was filmed by Jason as he was sitting poolside in Brisbane with MAFS bride Georgia Fairweather, a.k.a. Liam’s partner, and fellow MAFS groom Johnny Balbuziente.

In the video, which was obtained by the So Dramatic! podcast, Jason sits shirtless alongside his mates, sipping from a wine glass and wearing two sets of sunnies.

He introduces himself as “Big Jason, a.k.a Rack Dog Engler” and says he and his buddies plan to “run amok in Brisbane.”

Jason Engler (right) with his MAFS bride, Alana Lister (left).

Jason Engler calls Liam a “110% wanker” and repeatedly calls him “ugly, fat, chubby.”

Meanwhile Georgia can allegedly be heard in the background saying “and Georgia’s better than him!” Yes, you read that right. Not only is she condoning Jason’s gross behaviour, but she’s also in the background screaming out that she’s better than Liam. Are you though, love? Are ya?

“Georgia’s husband is a full blown homosexual,” Jason adds. “He’s ugly, he’s chubby, he does not go to the gym.”

At that point, Jason says “don’t post that!” to which Georgia adds “but I wanna keep it for me!”

Georgia (left) with her MAFS groom Liam (right).

Georgia, who clearly isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed either, then proceeded to post the video to her Instagram Story (with close friends only), according to the So Dramatic! podcast. I’m not fucking kidding you. She actually shared a video where her mate uses homophobic language, and she laughs alongside him, to her followers on Instagram. Sure, it was shared to her close friends only, but seriously, no one wants to see or hear this shit, which is proven in the fact that one of her ~close friends~ screen recorded the vid and sent it to the media to publicly out her.

The video concludes with Georgia allegedly letting out a pure fucking evil cackle. Watch it here, if you can stomach it.

Honestly though, I’m glad this video is circulating. No, no, really. It’s actually a huge blessing that this video got out because MAFS is coming to an end soon and I’m sure these absolute winners will be dying to stitch up endorsement deals and other opportunities to extend their 15 minutes of fame.

But now this video that Georgia “wants to keep for meeeeee!!!” will absolutely be kept for both her and the internet forever.

We love to see it. Well, we hate to see videos like this, but we love to see people exposed for their disgusting actions and ultimately held accountable.