An Ex-MAFS Star Has Deadset Started A GoFundMe To Help Get Their Followers Back

nick furphy gofundme

You know how people say not to quit your day job? I think someone needs to remind the MAFS stars, including but not limited to ex-cast member Nick Furphy.

He recently started a GoFundMe — a platform typically designed to get innovative ideas off the ground or to raise money for charitable causes — because his Instagram account has been hacked.

According to the GoFundMe campaign page which no longer exists (can’t imagine why), Nick needs his 70K+ followers to eat, socialise and get his dick wet. The goal of the campaign was $3,633 which he’ll probably make back in one sponsored post alone.

According to the post shared by Daily Mail Australia, Nick can’t make his living through Instagram since his account was hacked last month. Apparently he has to pay a company that retrieves hacked accounts $3,633 if he wants to regain access.

“Help a reality star in need as he fights to get his Instagram account back from the clutches of evil hackers!” the GoFundMe read.

“This poor guy’s entire livelihood and happiness depends on his verified Instagram account.”

“Without it, Nick can’t make a living, go to events, or even pick up chicks! (Okay, maybe that last one isn’t so important, but you get the idea).”

Side note: gross. Can men go on MAFS for something other than “picking up chicks” in their DMs? We see right through you (eventually).

The screenshots show that Nick was the organiser of the campaign, and, if that’s legit, I hate the third-person angle of this. This is not LinkedIn and I do not endorse you or this campaign.

But apparently Dan “ocean-fucker” Hunjas does. Daily Mail reported that he donated $35 which is a kick in the tits considering that man is a bazillionaire (or so I imagine — surely that’s the only reason people tolerate him).

Apparently fellow MAFS royalty Jessika Power also donated $5.

Not going to lie: I had to google this Nick bloke. And that’s saying something coming from PEDESTRIAN.TV’s resident MAFS mummy.

Turns out Nick was married to Sharon Marsh on MAFS Season 4 (we just finished MAFS Season 10), who also had a twin sister on the show.

nick furphy
This guy. Image: Nine

He also dated Jessika for a couple of months somewhere in between attending events and picking up chicks in the DMs, no doubt.

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