Nine months after first meeting on Married At First Sight, the partnership of Sharon Marsh and Nick Furphy has officially dissolved. 

Considering the deeply insane circumstances of their relationship, we’d call that a pretty good innings.

Speaking to New Idea, the pair admitted that despite a pretty legitimate attraction after the cameras stopped rolling, things didn’t totally pan between ’em.
Marsh says that she moved back to Perth a fortnight ago, two months after first relocating to Melbourne for the sake of their, uh, unique relationship.
She told the mag that despite loving the 30-year-old fella, “I realised that I’m not in love with him.” Then, with an admission that’s far too goddamn real for many of us, Marsh said “I really wanted it to work.
“I wanted the butterflies and roses – but I also needed a deeper love.”

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That revelation unfolded for her after she touched down in Victoria, but Furphy’s take is somewhat different. 

“I started to shake and couldn’t believe what I was hearing,” Furphy said. The carpenter said he gave it his all, and to be honest, thinking about the sincerity of the dynamic here is actually bumming us out. 
He said the ordeal had made him “lose faith” in the concept of love, which is only compounded by Marsh’s opinion that he “did everything right over our whole nine months together, but in the end, it wasn’t enough.”

Fuck, man.

The relationships borne of Married At First Sight’s latest season now stands at a zero percent success rate. Now, if you excuse us, we’re going to have a lie down and a deep think about this. 

Source: New Idea.
Photo: Sharon Marsh / Instagram.