The ‘real’ reason for the demise of Married At First Sight Season 4’s longest lasting couple isn’t salacious, over-the-top, or even the slightest bit weird – but it does suggest the core premise of the show is a crushing failure. 

Michelle Marsh, twin sister of Sharon, has spoken to OK! Magazine about her sibling’s recent split from Nick Furphy. According to her, it all came down to the reality that Sharon was ready to settle down and potentially start a family, while Nick was not. 

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In her words, Sharon is “not a partier, she’s very down to earth and is looking for someone who is compatible and wants all of those things as well.” Michelle also admitted thinking Nick just wasn’t “the right one.”

That’s totally sensible, and as responsible a reason as any to call time on a relationship. 

But, if we take the show’s insane premise at face value, and believe that a team of relationship experts really had matched each potential suitor on a myriad of characteristics and personal values, then this looks like a massive fuck-up on their part. 

What kind of rinky-dink dating operation wouldn’t even make sure two members of an adult couple are on the same page about children? Christ on a bicycle guys, get it together. It’s almost like Married At First Sight is just a reality TV show focus-grouped to ratings perfection, and not a legitimate sociological experiment. 


For what it’s worth, Michelle is doin a-okay with her organically acquired beau, Adam Medwid. Funny, that.

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Source: OK! Magazine.
Photo: @shazzimarsh / Instagram.