I hate apps. I hate apps with my entire life. There are a million apps on my phone and I hate all of them. I was fine with apps when there was only one that people could message you through, but my life is a hell now that I have to contend with the fact that basically any app that does anything at all will allow people to add me and send me shit. It’s too much.
With all this nonsense comes a slew of new social mores – is it acceptable to send someone a Twitter DM if they didn’t reply to your Facebook message? Can you tag someone on Instagram if they didn’t respond to your Snapchat whatever? Who the fuck knows. Social media etiquette is as mostly invisible, labyrinthine and fucking annoying as a tangled fishing line.
For ‘Married At First Sight‘ twins Michelle and Sharon, though, it appears that the line that must not be crossed is adding your sibling’s partner on Snapchat.
The two had a wild blow-up after Sharon found out that Michelle had begun following Sharon’s pretend husband Nick (sorry about this sentence) on an app that is primarily used by teens to send themselves pics of each other but with dog filters.
Michelle tried to calm Sharon down by asking her not to get weird about the “Nick thing” because she’s “got everyone on Snapchat,” but to no avail. 
Things quickly descend into a frenzy of ignoring and name-calling, have a watch:
Source and photo: Channel 9.