Jessika Power Apologises For That Gross Viral Video She & Other MAFS Stars Filmed Pre-Reunion

Cyrell Paule has called out several of her Married At First Sight co-stars for sharing a video ahead of the MAFS reunion where they made “disturbing” comments about her.

In a video featuring Jessika Power and two ladies I’ve never seen in my life, the MAFS stars ponder who will be joining them at the almighty showdown.

Jessika says, “I hope Cyrell fell over and broke her leg or something.” Her red-headed mate, the only one among them with a conscience, responded: “No, nobody wishes anybody bad.”

The blonde woman who isn’t Jessika Power then says, “Cyrell has been hospitalised, institutionalised,” with Jessika interjecting: “For mental!”

The aforementioned blonde added, “You don’t talk to people like that!” (“You” as in Cyrell)

The red-headed lady ended the heinous video by saying,”You don’t have to drive the karma bus, man”

Thank Christ that’s over. Watch it below via, *checks notes*, Cyrell herself.

Cyrell shared the video on her Instagram and called out her MAFS co-stars for making a “mockery of mental health.”

Peep her full caption below:

“ WARNING DISTURBING CONTENT” Sooo wishing I fell and broke my leg….Then we had I think her name is Ashley (I wouldn’t know. Was she even at the reunion???) and Jess making a mockery of mental health ! And how I should be admitted. In this day and age. Mental health is not a joke. And if I were a person who was not as strong and allowed this to get to me. I probably would have committed suicide or inflicted self harm from this BULLYING! It was Crocodile tears… For those that believe that Jess was capable of change. This was filmed on the day of the reunion … I don’t find this funny at all. And these ladies should apologise for their inappropriate remarks. And to even post it on their Instagram. Shame on the 3 of you.For anyone dealing with any mental health issues. Don’t not let this video get to you. Seek help. You are not alone. #mentalhealthawareness #youarenotalone

Noticing all the backlash to the video, Jessika Power jumped onto Instagram and clarified that she is a “massive advocate for mental health.”

“The comments that were made in the back of that car were because Cyrell tried to follow me around five times at the reunion last night,” she added, referring to the iconique wine throw, of course.

“I apologise, I would never mock mental health.”

She admitted that what she said was “a bitchy thing to say” and no shit, mate.

And finally she said that she wishes her MAFS co-star Cyrell well in all her endeavours (a far cry from wanting her to fall and break her leg, innit?) but as of this moment, she wants absolutely nothing to do with her and will not be engaging with her or addressing her on Instagram anymore and let’s just see how long that lasts.

Catch the video below via the So Dramatic! podcast.