The MAFS Star Who Posted That Fucked Up Video At The Reunion Has Taken It Down & Apologised

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

An Instagram video featuring Married At First Sight star Jessika Power and several others has gone viral as the ladies mock Cyrell Paule’s mental health ahead of the MAFS reunion.

Jessika Power recently apologised for the controversial IGTV clip in a video shared to her Insta where she admits that it was “a bitchy thing to say,” stating that she “would never mock mental health.”

Now, the MAFS contestant who posted the video, Sarah Roza, has taken the video down and offered an apology.

“I have removed my most recent IGTV video as it was requested to be removed by @Jessika_Power and @AshleyAirvin and I have done so out of respect for them,” she wrote.

“I will tell my side of the story soon!”

She added, “Even though it was not my intention, it has become apparent that the IGTV may have triggered some people.”

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The video still exists, however, on Cyrell’s Instagram as she reshared it to hold the ladies accountable for what they said. To be fair, Sarah didn’t actually say anything bad in the video. In fact, she encouraged her mates to grow the fuck up and not wish ill on other people.

In the video shared prior to the MAFS reunion, Jessika says, “I hope Cyrell fell over and broke her leg or something.” Then Sarah responded: “No, nobody wishes anybody bad.”

The blonde woman who isn’t Jessika Power then says, “Cyrell has been hospitalised, institutionalised,” with Jessika interjecting: “For mental!”

The aforementioned blonde added, “You don’t talk to people like that!” (“You” as in Cyrell)

Sarah ended the video by saying,”You don’t have to drive the karma bus, man.”

Check it out below: